CASA links the grassroots to the world!
   If every citizen improves his recognition and awareness of global environmental issues, his beliefs will have the strength to make the Government and industries more environmentally friendly. 
  CASA (Citizens' Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth) is a network of people who care for the future of our only earth. We are an environmental NGO which acts locally while thinking globally. 
  Join us and start now! Let's make a change for the future of our children and the earth!


What's New

Japan’s –40% GHG Reduction Target is Achievable without Nuclear Restart
~CASA 2030 Model Simulation Results~

(November 2014)

COP20/CMP10 CASA Positionpaper
(November 2014)

 Joint Press Release by Japanese NGOs
Japanese Government should withdraw the 2020 emission increase target and
resubmit an ambitious reduction target!

(November 2013)

Keep the 25% reduction target by 2020 and withdraw the new increase target!
(November 2013)

COP19/CMP9 CASA Positionpaper
(November 2013)

COP18/CMP8 CASA Positionpaper
(November 2012)

Japan’s -25% GHG Reduction Target is
Achievable without Nuclear Restart
~CASA 2020 Model (ver.4)Simulation Results~
(July 2012)

COP17/CMP7 CASA Positionpaper
(November 2011)

- Results of CASA 2020 Model Simulation (Ver.3) -
(June 2011)

No Need to Rely on Nuclear
to Achieve Japan’s -25% GHG Reduction Target Domestically
~Results of CASA 2020 Model(Ver.3)Simulation~
(June 2011)

Japan’s -25% GHG Emission Reduction
Target can be Achieved Domestically
-Results of CASA 2020 Model Simulation -
Summary of Interim Report
(May 2010)


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We are now collecting members to promote renewable energy for the citizen
and by the citizen, for sustainable development
“People's Association for Renewable Energy Promotion(PARE)”
The first general meeting was held on July 18th, 2004